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Great Solar Charger

Due to a prolonged power outage, my phone ran out of batteries. We connected the Voltzy solar charger and within a few minutes, I was back in business with the phone. I keep one in my emergency kit and it is very handy and very durable.

  - Mr. Mitt, on 03/31/2021 @ Amazon

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Love this Voltzy!

I like this. Just remember that you do need the cord that fits your own phone to charge off of this device.
Charger does charge off a computer usb port too.

  - Thomas S, on 11/23/2020


Super Handy!

I use this thing all the time.. you know when your phone cable isn't long enough to reach the outlet.. gone are those days! I just walk around the house with my phone fast charging while connected to Voltzy, it is so handy!

  - Chris J, on 04/18/2021 @ Amazon

Got me through winter and lockdown


I live in Dallas, Texas and we just went through a winter storm… and we were in lockdown for days. A lot of us didn’t have electricity or water. Luckily, my family members gave me a Voltzy for Christmas. This really saved my life! I was able to communicate with everybody. I’m single… 64 years old and it was really important that I stay in touch. Thank you for making this!


  - Pam M,
      06/04/2021 @ Amazon



Charged quickly, intuitive to use, durable

  - Marcia,
      03/13/2021 @ Amazon

Perfect for big families


My family is always on the go, we have 3 kids so making sure all our iPhones and iPads are fully charged is a must. Especially when we are in the car or at an event and they get bored. I just plugin their iPads into Voltzy to keep them charged and the kids are entertained for hours. I bought four for my family because the deal they have you buy 2 get 2 for free so why not get everyone a Voltzy.

  - Cindy S,
      05/06/2021 @

Very Convenient


I love that I can just leave it on the dash of my car when I go to work and it will charge all day in the sun, it makes it so convenient for me because its always charged!

  - Ronald T,
      16/27/2021 @



I can tell you it is a must , cause you never know when you will need to light up the way . Easy to use , very good product. So impressed with it the first time that I purchased them .I wanted my friends to be ready when the time comes . This is my second purchase, and be giving some away again. Believe me , it will be a good investment.

  - Jorge S, on 02/12/2021


Highly Recommend

I am loving this device! I was driving recently… it was dark and I was in a strange area. My GPS, car charger, and my phone all failed me! Thankfully, Voltzy actually worked. I connected it to my phone and felt so much safer. I depend on my solar charger now and I highly recommend it. I suggest grabbing the 4-Pack since it’s such a steal.

  - Linda R, on 07/05/2021


Great Product

Buy it. It comes already charged and ready to go. Read the directions and know how to use it in an emergency situation. Buying 2 is better than 1 so you have one in working while the other is charging in an emergency situation. These are easy to use and worth the cost.

  - Linda C, on 04/12/2021


Charges on cloudy days

The built-in light is great when in a tent. A soft wide coverage that will not blind you. This solar battery will charge on a cloudy day. If you know you need one, buy two. It's the smart thing to do. Then one does the work while the other one is charging.

  - Larry W, on 03/14/2021

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Jessica, a brand ambassador, charging her phone using Voltzy Powerbank.


Great for Power Outages

These came just in time for our power outage that lasted 4 days! I was able to keep recharging my phone and my husbands phone ! It really didn’t take that long to charge them, Of course, I have not used the solar part yet. Will report on that when I do

  - Jessica M, on 02/21/2021


Good Quality

Better than most my backup batteries, great quality and very handy to have on hand wherever you are going. Very decent price I might add!!

  - Jon S, on 09/01/2021



Works great but doesn’t last! it’s a little slow to charge an Apple phone!

I recommended it to everybody.

  - Jose E. Vasquez Sr., on 05/23/2021 @ Amazon



The product is not only made from a high-quality material making it possible to last for years but its functioning and quality also prove that the invention itself is all about providing the best customer service. In times like these, when we are struggling with the pandemic and the economy is stumbling, what is needed is a device that you can depend on in all circumstances for charging all kinds of smart devices. You can now not only charge one but many devices at any given time

  - Tampa Bay News, on 03/24/2021, Tampa Bay News



Matt, a Voltzy ambassador, using Voltzy Solar to charge his phone.


Makes Great Gifts

I purchased four of them and gave one to each of our children and we each kept one. They are great to have if there is ever a power failure, for camping or boating, wherever cell phone power can go out and the sun can recharge the power cell to charge the phones. I also ordered another four pack to give for Christmas gifts.

  - Cynthia K, on  05/19/2021



I have only used it a few times so far, but it took my I-phone 12 from 53% to full charge in a little over an hour and still had over 75% of stored power left in the cell. Glad I got it...

  - Tom H, on 11/13/2020

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Kirsten, our brand ambassador charges her phone with Voltzy Powerbank

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