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Wednesday, October 16 2021

Voltzy, the portable solar powerbank, under water to show its IP67 water-resistant casing.

Earlier this year, I decided to re-assess my emergency plan.

What I quickly learned was how incredibly reliant we are on electronics.

Not knowing what was directly coming our way, I wanted to make sure I was prepared for anything. Power outages, natural disasters, pandemics, economic collapses… anything.

As I ran through the scenarios in my head, there was one common denominator, I needed my cell phone to contact my friends and family. I needed it to look up the local news around the issue while on-the-go... Afterall, I can’t bring my TV with me.

But there’s one primary problem, a Cell Phone utilizes a battery, and that battery has a lifespan. If I’m on the road for days, or in the backwoods, I’m going to need to charge it up.

Now power-banks are built to solve this issue, but they’re so counter-intuitive. First, you charge your power-bank the exact same way you’d typically charge your phone, then you can utilize the device to get your phone going again.

But in nearly all cases I’d need my power-bank, I won’t be in a situation to plugin to charge my Power Bank… Are you joking? I’d just plug in my phone then…

The more I looked around for a solution to this problem, the more I realized it doesn’t readily exist.

And that’s when I began production on Voltzy, a solar powered “power plant” (because calling it a power bank doesn’t do it justice).

Around March we had our first prototypes ready, and we sent an email to some of our top "Emergency-Ready" customers.

“If we sold 100, that would be great!”

I still remember saying that like it was yesterday...

But the scary part: we were not ready for what was going to happen.



Reviews came flooding in wondering why a product like this took so long to hit the market.

Which brings me back to my talk about Power Banks. Almost every power bank you can buy at your local TJ Maxx is a cheap, flimsy, plastic unit that was built to SAVE THE MANUFACTURER MONEY.

Cheap, dangerous powerbanks displayed

That’s the biggest problem of power banks, they rarely hold a charge themselves. I don’t want a power bank with a battery worse than my phone… I’m buying it because my phone won’t last!

The truth is, they used crummy internal batteries that were designed to fail after a certain amount of time. Power banks weren’t built to last, the connectors were shoddy, and often stop working after a few months. They had charging problems… some even leaked and were DANGEROUS to have around.

An emergency product that’s dangerous to have around in the first place… Talk about missing the point.

That’s why I don’t even want to call the Voltzy a Power Bank, it is SO MUCH MORE. In comparison to traditional power banks, the Voltzy is a POWER PLANT.

People were scooping these Portable Solar-Powered Power Plants up in bulk. We had storeowners contact us directly for wholesale pricing, 2 private stores even ordered 50 at once (at full price) without notifying us before-hand.

It became obvious we weren’t the only people thinking about our emergency plans during a time like this.

We weren’t prepared for this.

We were producing as many as we could, but we couldn’t keep up with demand. My heart stopped, the stock we had planned for well over a month was SOLD OUT in just 72 hours.

2000 units GONE, just like that, in 3 days. We were in backlog, and we were producing these AS FAST as we possibly could.

The requests didn’t stop, but we had to produce what we could and get them to our customers. We took down the site, marked sold out everywhere. Our phones were still buzzing, but we unfortunately couldn’t keep up.

Our “VIP customers” sale went better than expected, to say the least. We didn’t know we’d sell thousands in just a matter of hours!

But we began preparing, we wanted to bring re-assurance and protection to the thousands of Americans that were inquiring.

Voltzy's sales, showing how quickly they sold out (in just 72 hours!)

Well months went by as we prepared. This time stocking up 4,000 units, double what we had before.

We decided to launch again, but we didn’t expect that our queue of customers had already reached the thousands! And with a couple big orders, it happened again.

3200 were claimed within 48 hours, and in a matter of just a week later we were completely sold out. So much for our preparation.

Voltzy's empty warehouse

Yeah… that’s a picture of our warehouse within a week.

Needless to say, we were gobsmacked. Thrilled of course that everyone was so interested in Voltzy, but we felt awful that once again we were not going to be able to keep up to the demand.

We closed the site, AGAIN, everything was sold out. This time, we vowed that the next time we turn back on the site, we were going to have enough stock to last forever.

Which is why I’m so excited to announce that we’ve finished finalizing our stock just in time for the new year…

This time we are NOT making the same mistake.

This New Year, We Built More of These Solar-Powered Power Plants Than EVER Before

And we THINK it will be enough to meet demand.

But when these sell out (and so far, that’s happened in a week or less), it could take us 3+ months to get inventory back in.

In fact, we’re taking a big risk by spreading the word even more about this device. We have shops in our queue looking to place orders in the hundreds.

But we want to get them to the general public as well.

We want to save people money, and shops are going to sell these at a premium to make margin. In times like this, we want the general public to be have peace of mind.

Most importantly, we want to GET RID of these CHEAP, FLIMSY, TERRIBLE “power banks” you’ll find at your dollar stores, which can only be done by offering it priced comparably.

We’re ready to tell everyone. We’re ready to get it in YOUR hands TODAY!

Which is why it’s my privilege to finally introduce to you…


Two Voltzy Powerbanks charging in the sun.

It has so many advances over traditional, cheap, power banks. Not to mention the design is so sleek and well-made, it will blow you away.

With a few LED indicators at the top, Voltzy will notify you how charged it is. No guesswork on how charged the device is!

Simply plug your electronic device into one of the Voltzy’s secured ports. In just a short while your device will be fully charged.

With multiple ports, Voltzy can even charge multiple devices at once. Charge 2 phones from 0 to 100% purely off the Sun’s light.

Voltzy has a Smarter Design and the Highest Quality Emergency Features

A rugged, shock-resistant case with an IP67 waterproof rating.

A carry loop and clip with a single-lock and double-lock carabiner to easily attach to your backpack.

Powerful LED emergency light with multiple features including an SOS strobe light.

Rubberized and easy to grip and built for the outdoors.

Voltzy, the portable solar powerbank, connected to Voltzy Solar for quicker charging.

The Voltzy is for the person who likes QUALITY, BUILT-TO-LAST DEVICES, that are RELIABLE and made with INTELLIGENT ENGINEERING.

It’s hefty (you can tell this has quality parts), has a sleek design and charges fast. This is something built to last you years, not use for a few weeks and throw away.

What you get with your Voltzy:

Voltzy's charging cable.

Charging Cable

Voltzy's warranty certificate.

Certificate of Warranty

Voltzy, the portable solar powerbank.

Voltzy Solar Powered Power Plant

What you get with your Voltzy:

8000 mAh of Battery Storage Power

A strong enough battery to charge 2 phones from 0 to 100 at the same time. Fill it quickly with any outlet using your included charging cable or put it in the sun to have it immediately start charging off the built-in solar panel.


Built-in LED Flashlight for Emergencies

Press the button on the side to turn on the LED flashlight so that you can signal for help in emergencies or see in the dark. Click the button twice to turn on the emergency strobe setting, blinking the light to flag down responders in your times of need.

Multiple Charging Ports

Having 2 outputs for power lets you utilize Voltzy’s energy for multiple devices at once. I often plugin both my phone and speaker to the Voltzy the moment I arrive at a campsite.

IP67 Water-Resistant Rated, Rain and Dustproof Casing

Splashes aren’t a worry for this power bank, and if it slips out of your hands or backpack, you don't need to worry. The Voltzy is BUILT TO LAST and can take a beating.


Charges Off the Sun

That’s the amazing thing about Voltzy, it charges itself off the sunlight alone.

The built-in SOLAR PANELS on the Voltzy can charge the internal battery by merely leaving it in the sunlight (or any bright light). You will NEVER have to search for an outlet in case of an emergency.


Works With Any Type of Phone or Electronic

That’s the amazing thing about Voltzy, it charges itself off the sunlight alone.

The built-in SOLAR PANELS on the Voltzy can charge the internal battery by merely leaving it in the sunlight (or any bright light). You will NEVER have to search for an outlet in case of an emergency.

So now you’re probably asking…


How Much Does It Cost?


The Voltzy is made to fit any budget, starting at only $49.95 + S&H.

Chances are good that you’d pay a LOT more than $49.95 for a backup power source like this during a crisis.


Heck… you’d probably pay 10 times that (or more!) to call and talk to your loved ones when faced with the worst.

But claim your order today and we'll take $20 (or more) off ALL orders TODAY ONLY

Claim your savings today and get the power bank that is revolutionizing the industry starting at just $29.95.

Join the thousands of Americans who trust Voltzy for their power in case of an emergency.

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If you want smarter engineering, durability, power and quality include yourself and loved ones as one of the ELITE owners of a Voltzy.

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Voltzy is an innovative powerbank that harnesses solar energy to charge any device. Crafted with multiple ports, powerful solar panels, and emergency lighting, you'll stay connected no matter where you are.

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